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Why PageOne Webs?

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Professionally Designed


Our PageOne Webs are super-professional and eye-pleasing. Sites like these inspire confidence in buyers. Isn't that what we are trying to do? 

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They're Mobile


Our websites look and feel good and are readable on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Try it on yours!

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They Only Look Expensive


Only you'll know you spent $995. A trained website designer's eye may see some giveaways, but you are attracting buyers, not web designers.

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They Can Sell!


You don't have to look better than everybody else. You just need to look better than your competitor, and that's not going to be hard.

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Google Loves Them


Google loves a well-written site. SEO (search engine optimization) is built into every site we make. There's nothing more to pay for. 

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You Control Them


Isn't that a gift? You'll have access to the back end where you can modify copy or prices, or add or change images. You just need a password.

OnePage Website Samples


The perfect way to start. Home-based businesses, owner/operators, micro-businesses. 


OnePage is a unique website style that is wonderfully suited to small, micro or owner-operated businesses. This $995 website has 20+ features to choose from including video, image carousels, feedback and more. The best thing is, the whole website takes place on one multi-section page! Whereas most websites rely on page-to-page links to navigate, OnePage simply scrolls up and down. It looks like a multi-page site, but it's not. Best of all, the site comes with a content management control panel so you can make your own modifications.


It is interesting to note that our SEO Add-On ($299) often results in page one rankings for local sites.

Calgary Computer Guy

Custom App Creators 

The Car Coach 

21 Degrees Hughs Heating

West Yale Automotive 

Hardus Plumbing & Heating

MultiPage Website Samples


Bigger business, bigger website. 


MultiPage Web is a classic multi-page website, usually including a home page, an 'about us' page, a service page, a products page and a contact page. Most of the samples you see have added additional pages at extra cost. MultiPage webs are smart, professional and set the tone for interaction with prospective clients.


MultiPage Webs include our SEO Add-On ($299 value) and one year of website hosting ($120 value).

Hallman Group Managed Service Providers

Loewen Paving

Media Boys Social Media Marketing

eCommerce Website Samples (coming soon!)


Own an online store, or add an online store to your business. 


eCommerce Web is an online store that combines the best of an eCommerce site with the elements of a normal promotional website. Our eCommerce Web includes provision for up to 50 products with photos, prices, sizes and colours. Unlike services such as Shopify which have monthly charges into perpetuity, the eCommerce Web is paid-and-done. Once complete, you own it. The built-in Content Management System allows you to add, subtract or change products. 

Graphic for eCommerce Toy Store Sample

eCommerce Toy Store Sample


Graphic for eCommerce Book Online Store Sample

eCommerce Book Online Store Sample


Graphic for eCommerce Bedding Online Store Sample

eCommerce Bedding Online Store Sample


Landing Pages

DO NOT Advertise Online Without One!

Landing Pages should be the first thing people see when they click on your ad, not your website. Don't lose another lead!


In 2015, we created a video for our friends at LandOnMe. In 2017, LandOnMe became Little Martian Landing Pages, which joined the PageOne family a year later. 


Landing pages are web pages that resemble your website, but are set up specially to recieve and guide the people who are responding to your online ad. As a rule, you never, never advertise without them. Use one for each online ad or campaign. 

Pricing Plans

OnePage Website


Small Business? Start Here



All-in-one website
20+ features
Control Panel

MultiPage Website


Bigger Business? Bigger Site



Multiple page site
Professional features
Product and service showcase
Stunning quality and design

eCommerce Website

Up to 50 Products


Turnkey Online Store

Super Eye-Catching Theme
Sell up to 100 Products
Professional Sales Copywriting

Landing Pages

$95 Setup

$20 per page, per month

Professionally Designed

Full Tracking & Reporting
Use one per Product, Per Market
Call Tracking Phone Available



Get an Unfair Advantage



Includes SSL Certificate ($100 Value!)
80+ Points Checked & Fixed
Rank Higher in Searches!
Excellent Track Record!

Google AdWords


Stand out as #1



Keywords Setup

Landing Pages Available 
Budget Managed
Professionally Managed

Graphic for the 2019 Website Buyer's Guide

FREE PageOne Webs 2019 Website Buyer's Guide


Available for download FREE!

Know your stuff


The essential guide for first-time website buyers. Everything you need to know to order a new site. Written in a frank, sometimes blunt manner, this guide will help you understand the world of websites and all that goes in to getting a new website made. 





Customer Testimonials

Don Reid form West Yale in his shop

“ Our website is already bringing us new customers. All this for less than a grand. Very pleased.”


Don Reid, West Yale Automotive

Don Loewen and his guys out paving

“ We are getting enough leads and inquiries to keep three guys going full-time. Excellent investment.”


Don Loewen, Loewen Paving

John Paul and Landon Kampmann are very happy with their site

“ Great work and a great website. We can't wait to see how clients will receive the new site.”

John Paul & Landon Kampmann

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

$995 or $2,995. What's the difference?


The $995 "All In One" website is a single-page, multi-section site. This is our signature product. Easy to view, perfect for new or one-person businesses. The larger sites have more content and take longer to produce, and so are $2,995+. 


What do "SEO" and "Google-Ready" mean?


"Google Ready" means that the website has been optimized to allow Google to find it and rank it (preferably on "Page One". This is important if you are want to be first in your town. This is also called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. 

Why does video matter so much to Google?


Google is all about you getting you the best information match for your searches. The best way to explain or instruct or promote is video. People would much rather watch video than read. Because of this, Google gives sites with videos better rankings. 

What's in your Website Buyer's Guide


Our free buyer's guide was written for first-time web buyers to give them a sense of what a website is, what goes into one and what is involved in getting one. The guide is written in a frank, plain-language manner. 



Can we check your references?


Absolutely. The best way to decide if you are going to be happy with your new designer is to see how clients felt. Call the companies in their sample section. Ask who was in charge of getting the site made. Ask them frank questions. 



What do you need to get started?


PageOne Webs has a proprietary content gathering system that allows us to do our work while you do yours. We'll ask you for photos, prices, a logo and descriptions of what you do. You've got this. 

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